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Seed Tube Guards

OEM seed tube guards typically wear down to 1/2" by the end of an average season.  The majority of the wear occurs early in the season.  As the furrow becomes narrower planting depth decreases and becomes more erratic.  The opener disks should be adjusted deeper to compensate.  Increased compaction and glazing of the furrow side walls may result.

Plugging between opener disks and gauge wheels can be a serious problem.  Worn gauge wheel arm pivots are the main cause by allowing the tires to pull away from the opener disks.  Badly worn seed tube guards allow the disks to flex inward and contribute to the problem.  The RKP guards will reduce this problem.

The nearly constant width and the flat bottom of the furrow produced by the RKP guards will allow the seed to more consistently reach a uniform depth.  The flat bottom will not be compacted or glazed which should result in more uniform emergence.

     Guard with Tungsten Carbide Alloy Overlay Wear Plates- $60
     Guard with High Chrome Content Welded Beading Overlay Wear Plates- $45
     Fertilizer Tube Attachment- $12

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