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Closing Wheel Frame Pivot Kit

JD 1700 JD 7000 WHITE 8000

This Closing Wheel Frame Pivot Kit utilizes a high quality ball bearing mounted in a very simple housing which is welded to the outside surface of the frame. The result is a very durable, easy to install repair kit. (US Patents 6,918,343 and 7,246,563)

The original design on most planters and most aftermarket kits provide a pivot that relies on two steel surfaces slipping on each other. Uneven wear allows the closing wheels to go off center therefore adjustment must be provided. The ball bearing design practically eliminates wear so the need for adjustment is essentially eliminated. However, due to variation, damage etc. it may still be necessary to occasionally make some adjustment.

The JD 1700 series support casting has slots (A) for the purpose of adjustment. The support casting for JD 7200 series planters are mounted to the shank assembly by two vertical bolts. Those planters made in 1992 or later have a slot for the rear bolt which provides more than adequate adjustment. These holes in earlier 7200 series planters can be oversized to obtain adjustment. Later 7000 series and similar planters also have horizontal slots in the support casting for adjustment. If your planter has the means for adjustment or it can be provided by a moderate amount of rework, we recommend using ball bearings.

If your planter requires rework to provide adjustment you may want to order a few cams to be used on rows where adjustment proves to be necessary. These cams can be used until time is available to do the rework. (Not available for 1700 Series)

Grade 5 carriage bolts are provided. Special clips are provided where required to improve support for the bolt head and keep the bolts from turning. A regular grade 5 nut is used to make the installation as easy as possible. A locking jam nut is installed last.

On most 7000 planters it will be necessary to increase the size of the worn pivot holes in the sheet metal frame to approximately 1 1/8" to provide clearance for 1" OD washers that are clamped between the support casting and the bearing. Approximately 1 3/8" diameter holes are required if cams are used.

$25 Row for bearings for all planters.
1700 Series without housing $14 (new planter).
Additional $7 per row for Cams. (Not available for 1700 Series) $7 per cam individually.
For 7200, an Install Kit for centering housing is needed $13.

When ordering for JD 7000 planters we need to know if the support casting has holes or slots for the pivot bolts.

NOTE: orders under $200 have a $15 shipping fee.

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